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We combine

IoT Devices

& Microsoft Azure 



IoT Devices deployed in mesh networks & linked to Microsoft Azure
enable behavioural data to be captured in an increasingly wide variety of contexts. This gives us the ability to derive greater levels of insight and respond to behaviours in real time.


Behavioural Science provides the basis for analysing data from Microsoft Azure to identify & understand behavioural patterns, the context that generates them & so identify the moments that matter most as they happen.

To understand activity in Built Space

Built Space

Understanding behaviour  

Whenever you operate in the physical world you use Built Space. It is the fancy term for physical buildings and the spaces between them. Bricks not Clicks!

These spaces are the offices, shops, warehouses, factories, the bits between them & mobile units we use in our daily lives.

It is crucial to understand how people and things behave in and around them through their whole journey: Otherwise understanding is limited to a few critical moments of interaction, and we know little or nothing about what happens before or after.

Understanding the whole picture enables us to be more effective in predicting & preparing for and, in some cases preventing, those critical moments. This enables the outcomes to be changed & improved.

And respond in the moments that matter most


The moments that matter most

Moments matter because behaviour is decided the second a decision is made. When that decision is favourable and, for example, something is purchased, we know about it. However we lose out to the decisions we don’t know about until it is too late. Those moments, for example, when a person makes a decision to steal, or to leave a store without buying.

In that moment we lose.

To avoid loss of sales or loss of goods, requires understanding these moments and then taking action.

Protective action falls into 5 main categories:


  • Prevent:  remove undesired events by design
  • Predict:   warning when undesired events are most likely 
  • Prepare:  be ready & able to respond in real time
  • Perform:  act in real time to improve outcomes
  • Progress: learn continuously and adjust

Protecting Against...


Physical Violence

Lost Equipment

Damage to Property

Shopper Fraud

Money Laundering

and there is more…

It’s not just what we do that’s UNIQUE,

It’s also how we do it.

What we do is unique. We install and configure a bespoke IOT device network including our Precog™ Data Collection Devices (DCDs). These are configured in a Mesh Network for efficient data consumption and include local decision making using AI. This generates Big Data into Microsoft Azure for analysis.

To find out what happens after that you will need to speak with us.

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