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Our Business

Our Purpose

Panoptica Media Limited is a limited company based in the UK. Our business focus is to provide new commercial advantage to organisations that operate in the Built Environment by providing them with a better understanding of the behaviour taking place within their spaces and the means to respond to it, profitably.

The current situation

The current level of understanding of behaviour in Built Space is minimal.

This is because the data captured in them is mostly one dimensional, using separate systems and interpreted in vertical silos’

As a result it contains huge gaps. It is a bit like a film, with large parts of the story line missing.

Even creating that broken story line requires finding bits of the film from unlabeled files in separate systems and then splicing them  together.

A fuller understanding enables more effective beneficial action to be taken. 

Our solution

Using our data collection technology we are able to fill the gaps and at the same time

create a framework onto which current data can be attached at the right place in the story line.

Using our custom analytics and IOT expertise the captured data is analysed to provide

real time solutions and strategic management information.

Commercial Application

Our focus is to protect People and Profit in Built Spaces.

We have identified 57 specific applications that meet this goal and provide commercial benefit.

Our Services

IOT Network Design and Deployment

Profit from the moments that matter most to you

People behave uniquely within your Built Space,  because each location has unique variables that influence how people behave in it. For this reason the network must be designed to suit your space and your objectives.

To achieve your business objectives we design, deploy, manage and maintain networks of hardware, analyse the data they generate, and develop and design responses to critical behaviours.

The output are business solutions, supplied as a service, and a new category of Management Information.


Finding problems & solutions

Some people are aware of the issues they need to solve & the value of doing so;others are still on the journey. What-ever your position, we can help.

In our product development process we have researched and investigated many of the problems faced by operators in Built Space and so we can help to accelerate your journey.

We are experienced in consultancy and we are able to deploy temporary networks to gain the information & understanding you will need to build a business case.

If you think we might be able to help, just ask: that is what we are here for!

Our partners

they think we are onto something…

The power of partnership

We are a ‘start-up’ and already we have some very big partners and collaborators. They support us in a variety of ways that include technological expertise, commercial know how and resources.

Get In Touch

Panoptica Media Limited

The Microsoft Reactor, 70 Wilson St, London EC2A 2DB

Call 07554 451751

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